The Origin Project

  • The AWP is pleased to be a partner in The Origin Project, an initiative sponsored by author Adriana Trigiana and coordinator Nancy Bolmeier Fisher.  The Origin Project is a program that involves students conducting interviews within the local communities, writing about their heritage and culture, and producing works in multiple genres to be published in a book.  HarperCollins published the first book of works by our local students in 2015.  Schools collaborating in this effort were Flatwoods Elementary in Lee County, Powell Valley Middle School and Union High School in Big Stone Gap (Wise County), and East High School in Coeburn (Wise County).  TCs Hope Cloud, Grace Bradshaw, and Hope Hart acted as mentors and facilitators, working with both teachers and students, giving demonstrations and coaching the editing process.  The project has expanded this year to include three more schools.  Adriana Trigiana has visited the schools in person and has skyped with students throughout the year.  She has also brought in other authors (David Baldacci and Mary Hogan) to meet with students.

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