Invitational Summer Institute

Teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators who have current licenses and are currently employed in a school division are eligible to apply.  Teachers in the areas of science, math and history are especially encouraged to apply, though applicants in all subject areas will be considered. Applications will be accepted through the first week of February.

Outstanding applicants are invited to the ISI to continue research in writing pedagogy, engage in creative and professional writing and collaborate with other teachers. Benefits include valuable resource materials and a choice of either graduate credit or a stipend. Graduates will become Teacher Consultants with the AWP, trained to provide in-service workshops in their respective subject areas.

The Appalachian Writing Project is a member of the National Writing Project.

For more information or an application, please visit the Appalachian Writing Project’s Web site at Interested applicants may also Co-Director Hope Cloud at or Director Amy Clark at


Institute fellows may be K-college teachers from all content areas currently employed in a teaching position. During the institute, fellows are engaged in:
* Researching theory and practice in teaching writing;
* Exploring and presenting successful approaches to teaching writing and using writing to teach;
* Developing their own writing
* Looking at resources and technologies that assist writing instruction.




Previous Summer Institutes

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Cohort 11




Cohort 10




Cohort 9





(Seated left to right) Lynn Ramey, Hope Cloud (co-director), Linda Lipps, Renee Angel, Suzy Blevins, Wanda Perry (Standing left to right) Dena Barton, Tamara Williams, Jerry Stanley, Rod Mullins, Leah Mullins (co-director)




(Seated left to right) Carrie Deel, Jesse Roberts, Amanda Roberts, Laura Kelly, Matt Stanley (co-director) (Standing left to right) Dawn Fields, Keela Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Karen Mullins, Leah Mullins (co-director), Amy Clark (Director)




Matthew Stanley, Lucas Shortt, Patricia Beavers, Joan Short, Leah Mullins, Kara Quesenberry, Sherry Hibbitts, Grace Bradshaw, Amy Clark, Jean Stanley, Lassie Eide, Kathy Johnson, Elaine Childress, Rebecca Elswick, Melody Smith (student), Beverlee Dingus (student), Colleen Laferty (student), Chris Evans, Mary Hatzikazakis, Hope and Ethan Cloud




Amy Clark, Brad Hutchinson, Melissa Bledsoe, Renee Lyall, Sandy Bolling, Grace Bradshaw, Hope Cloud, Cyndi Newlon




Vickie Barton, Sherry Case, Connie Clark, Pamela Gilmer, Teresa Hicks, Kim Lester, Pat Kennedy, Sandra Looney, Sharon Mullins, Lizabeth Phillips, Sonja P. Seymore , Grace Bradshaw (co-director), Hope Cloud (co-director), Amy Clark (director)




Rod Boyd, Karen Burke, Mary Hatzikazakis, Kevin Minion, Karen Peters, Tracy Pippin, Linda Waldron, Grace Bradshaw (co-director), Hope Cloud (co-director), Amy Clark (director)




Connie Boger, Janice Bolling, Sandra Cohl, Monica Farmer, Johnnie P. Meade, Sandy Yun, Jacqueline Howard, Grace Bradshaw (co-director), Hope Cloud (co-director), Amy Clark (director)




Shelia Counts, Semelha Hope Hart, Rebecca Sandt, Robin Charles, Rita Justice, Grace Bradshaw (co-director), Hope Cloud (co-director), Amy Clark (director)